Saturday, January 18, 2014

New numbers new position and a new me

Just kidding, I'm the same old me, just feeling a whole lot better.  Sorry I've been MIA, got busy with work and just didn't take the time to update you all.  Bottom line is I have stable disease.  Tumor markers are not in a sharp downward spiral, as much as I wish they were, but they're slowly decreasing (at least over the last 2 months) now that I'm on Havalen, Perjeta (Pertuzumab) and Herceptin (Trastuzumab).  Pain comes and goes, but I'm not exercising in this bitter cold weather, so I sort of expect alittle stiffness.  As long as the pain doesn't worsen, its usually normal wear and tear and not from cancer activity.  And even if it was, I would just take some motrin and forget it. 

Getting off taxotere was a bit of hell, I lost 20 lbs, my appetite was non-existant and was near to vomitting day and night.  But now that its been out of my system for 2 months I have come to a stable weight and regained most of my appetite.  I am even re-growing hair!  Its very dark and soft, but its about 1/2 cm long and thick!  I'm excited to sport my bald head as soon as the weather improves.  For now, I've given up on the wig as it is simply to much hassle and I wear scarves or hats OR nothing.

I'm starting a new position in research, now as a research assistant and I'm looking forward to learning new techniques and working up to full time.

Parker is a busy little boy and keeps me on my toes, he loves to recant things he learns at "school" aka daycare and tell us who is and who is not invited to his birthday party.  Seams to change daily.  Thanks for all your continued support. God bless

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  1. Kristin,

    I am so happy for your improvement, your response to the new drug and the new job. What lab are you working on?

    Wishing you lots of data,
    Nilda (formerly from the Wilson Lab)